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1911 Fiat LSR

This is unbelievable! This 1911 Fiat LSR car was started after 100 years of resting! Duncan Pittaway made history today by firing up one of the largest-engined 4 cylinder cars ever built! This is the first time anyone has heard or seen this monster in action in over 100 years!

The engine is 28.4 liters, 4 cylinder Land Speed Record car, and it’s making 290 bhp at 1,100 rpm, and 1,384 lbs/ft of torque! Weight 1,900 kg. The engine has no starter motor, thus each 7.1 litre (432 cu in) cylinder has to be hand-aspirated with fuel mixture and then detonated on the correct piston, after it has begun its downward stroke, by a small battery-operated trembler coil which produces a shower of high voltage sparks. The man on the crank handle needs to stand well clear at that point!


After making a pause of 100 years, you would think that there is absolutely no chance for this engine to start up again. However, this 28.4-liter Fiat disagrees and shows what quality and power actually mean. Even though the engine technology has come to produce quieter and smaller engines over the years, it is truly amazing to hear this engine’s roars.


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