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Fifth generation of Discovery

We made a clean slate of the past with this fifth generation of Discovery, starting from a blank page or almost. More chassis ladder indeed, but a monocoque platform with the emphasis on aluminum and derived from that of the Range Rover, when Disco 3 and 4 blended monohull and false chassis to support the suspensions and the Discovery Sport is based on the ‘Evoque. While the front and rear cradles are still made of steel, the British carmaker still announces a spectacular weight loss of up to 480 kg with an equivalent engine. However, it was very high and at 2,174 kg, this new Discovery is nothing like a ballerina, it changes instead of rugby post from pillar to half melee. But it still allows him to receive four-cylinder engines again, which had not happened since the very first model.

From the catalog of the Jaguar Land Rover Group, four mechanics, already known and necessarily associated with the eight-speed automatic transmission and the all-wheel drive, are proposed to launch, starting with the 2.0-liter Ingenium diesel, All aluminum and which delivers 180 hp and 430 Nm in its turbocharged Td4, and 240 hp and 500 Nm in its version biturbo Sd4, with mixed minimum consumptions announced respectively 6.0 l and 6.3 l / 100 km. Two supercharged V6s are then available, the Td6 of 258 hp and 600 Nm and the Si6 of 340 hp and 450 hp, the first being officially content of 7.2 l of diesel per 100 km, the second of 10.9 l of -lead. You will understand that given the announced consumption, the Discovery is not among the best pupils against the ecological malus since it will be necessary to make an extension extending from 2 610 € to 10 000 € according to the motorization chosen.

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