001.HRR Concept Motorcycle

[001.HRR] is a revolutionary concept motorcycle using the cutting edge of material science and technology. A hybrid in some parts, this race replica uses not only thin film solar and paint to harness solar energy but also uses a kinetic energy recovery system [KERS] as a secondary source of power. ...

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The EB-0 is an electric motorcycle with an engine for each wheel, which allows the bike to accelerate and brake with the same mechanic assembly. The design reflects simple and fluid lines that emphasize the movement and combines the ruggedness of a racing bike. A see-through “tank” and super-clean tail section ...

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Full Moon Motorcycle

Easy to look at, but not available for driving around – the Full Moon Motorcycle from Akrapovič and Dreamachine Motorcycles is definitely worth the view. The name is a reference to the front aluminium and carbon 30 inch wheel, which is the main focus point of the concept, and at the ...

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T 005 Cross

Based on the 2008 Yamaha Scorpio, Thrive Motorcycle has created T 005 Cross, a custom made aluminium version of the original. The whole geometry of the design ensures a futuristic look from an 1980’s movie. The new material was picked with the purpose of reducing , while offering an industrial ...

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